Pay Tree Karma to Become Wealthier


Trees are the quintessential symbols for wealth in Feng Shui, and they also have a very strong association with health. Every single person in the world has benefited from the cutting of a tree.

If your house is not made of wood, chances are that trees were cut in the land where your property lies, to make room for the building. Even if you live in a house made of adobe bricks, with a straw roof, surely you have some furniture made out of wood and you either own or have at some point read a book.

Humans use the wealth of the forest for their benefit. We all owe a debt to trees, and we should all pay “tree karma” to feel better and be wealthier, by planting trees or donating to organizations that plant trees.

I once asked a contractor to estimate how many trees you would have to plant or have planted to make up for the ones that were cut to build a wooden frame home. This is what he told me:

  • If your house is 30 years or newer than that, they probably used wood from renewable forests planted for the purpose of construction. In this case they used 50 to 60 small trees for every 1000 square feet, per story.
  • If your house is older, or if you live in a wood cabin, they probably used the wood from two or three very large trees.

To pay your tree karma, calculate or estimate:

  1. How many trees were used to build your house.
  2. How many trees were cut to make space for your home in your land.
  3. How many trees gave of their wood for your furniture.
  4. How many trees were cut to make the paper in all the books you have read and the reams of paper you have bought to use in your printer.

Add it all up, and then plan to plant or have planted four trees per week, or per month, until you are sure that a number of trees slightly larger than those used for your home have been planted.

Trees are not only important in Feng Shui because of their association with wealth, but because they are considered the messengers from Earth to Heaven. Trees are to the plant world what humans are to the animal world. According to Feng Shui, they release moisture and oxygen into the sky, and information towards Heaven. If you think of trees as delivering the “report card” of the conditions on this planet to the spiritual realm, paying your “tree karma” becomes an even more important endeavor.

When I searched online for organizations that plant trees for you, I found that prices range from ten cents to ten dollars per tree, depending on where they are being planted.

I encourage you to do your own research and find an organization that resonates with your values. Please keep in mind there are also some scams around planting trees, so make sure it is a real organization and that your financial information won’t be at risk.

Now it is your turn to comment below. Are you planning to pay your tree karma? How would you like to see your own personal wealth increase?


  1. Wow, what a cool concept. I have a degree in environmental studies, so I’m quite familiar with the role trees play on our environment, and with tree conservation methods and sustainable forest management. I have a fair understanding of the role they play socially as well, but I’ve never considered this aspect. It makes a lot of sense. Thank you for sharing this information!

    • Jo, given your background, would you recommend an organization for tree planting? Other people have recommended “TreePeople” and “Nature Conservancy.”

  2. I love this… in real estate, I always advocate for trees when my clients want to take them out. With all the rain our area has had, I often worry about the ground saturation and fallen trees, but I do love them and am grateful to have some beauties in my yard.

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