The Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System

The Nine Steps to Feng Shui™ is a system for teaching, practicing and learning Feng Shui “by the numbers.” This easy to follow method is designed to maximize efficiency, so that clients and students can incorporate change into their lives in a seamless and gentle way.

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The system is synergistic, which means that the work done on each step assists and strengthens every future step, so that creating spaces with good energy becomes simpler and easier over time.


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The video above is part of the Introduction to the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® Online Video Course.

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The number 9 is very important in Feng Shui, as it represents maximum power, maximum yield. The Chinese Temple of Heaven was built with series of 9 steps to enhance its good fortune.

I realized that the principles of Traditional Chinese Philosophy could be arranged in an order that corresponds to the number with which each of them resonates.

Each of the nine principles was then correlated with a Western Keyword.

The keywords then suggest nine steps we can take in order to proceed with the space arrangement of the home, garden or office.

1. Tao

There is ONE source for everything in Creation 1. Wholeness 1. Completing the floor plan
2. Yin Yang

There are TWO opposite but complementary forces in the Universe 2. Balance 2. Balancing extremes
3. Chi (Life Force)

There are three levels of reality [Heaven/Thoughts, Earth/Physical Action, Humankind/Emotions], three principles of chi [chi is in everything, chi connects it all, chi changes constantly], and three states of chi [softly moving, meandering beneficial chi; destructive fast or winding chi; stagnated chi] . 3. Flow 3. Achieving a healthy circulation of the life force
4. Rhythm

There are four seasons, four cycles of the moon, four periods of the day, and four moments of breathing 4. Timing 4. Honoring time and timing, working with nature.

5. Five Elements

There are FIVE essences or relationships in action on our planet: Water, Wood [Tree], Fire, Earth, Metal. 5. Harmony 5. Harmonizing the five elements (colors, shapes, materials)
6. Symbology

There are SIX True Words: OM, MA NI, PAD, ME, HUM 6. Language 6. Using the right symbols
7. Healing

There are SEVEN major chakras [energy centers] in the human body, seven days in a week, seven colors in the rainbow and 7 is the number of healing. 7. Healing 7. Fixing and Healing
8. I-Ching

There are EIGHT trigrams in the I-Ching, which combine to produce 64 hexagrams. 8. Mood 8. Assigning the Life Areas
9. Magic Square

There are NINE smaller squares in the Magic Square. When the numbers are added horizontally, vertically or diagonally, they always add up to 15. 9. Empowerment 9. Power positions (furniture arrangement)

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