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Moni Castaneda

Moni, Feng Shui Consultant, Teacher, and Public Speaker

Monica P. Castaneda – Moni – is a Feng Shui consultant, teacher, and speaker. Moni was born and grew up in Ecuador (South America), where she got a degree in Architecture in July of 1995. The next month, August, Moni moved to the United States to join her husband Marco.

In the Mississppi Gulf Coast, Moni found out that she would not be able to practice Architecture in the United States, because there are no agreements between schools in the USA and schools in Ecuador.  For a while, Moni wondered why she had felt just a strong urge to study Architecture, only to find out she would not be able to practice, but it all made sense when she found Feng Shui.

Moni’s background as an architect gave her an advantage in understanding many aspects of Feng Shui, as well as adapting the principles of this ancient Chinese art of space arrangement to the needs and aesthetic values of the Western world in this time and age.

Even with all her knowledge, Moni found that many things about Feng Shui were confusing, and she made it her mission to arrive at a clear understanding of Feng Shui, sifting superstition from true authentic knowledge, but keeping her art rooted in Traditional Chinese Wisdom.

Moni, aware that Feng Shui is one of the Five Branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine, engaged the help of acupuncturists and herbalists to truly understand the underlying principles of these healing arts, and see how the same principles could be applied to Feng Shui.

The result of all this work was the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System. To learn more about this system, click here.

Moni offers online home, business and landscaping consultations, using email, Whatsapp and Facebook to share information. Moni is also available to teach courses at your locale and for public speaking engagements.

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